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Sister of Meluan Lackless who ran off with a troupe of traveling performers when she was young. Her parents subsequently disowned her, leaving Meluan as the only heir to the Lackless lands. Kvothe attributes Netalia's actions as the reason Meluan is prejudiced against the Edema Ruh.


Many fans speculate that Netalia is Kvothe's mother Laurian. The basis of this comes primarily from a poem that Arliden wrote for Laurian, as follows:

Dark Laurian, Arliden’s wife,
Has a face like the blade of a knife
Has a voice like a pricklebrown burr
But can tally a sum like a moneylender.
My sweet Tally cannot cook.
But she keeps a tidy ledger-book
For all her faults, I do confess
It’s worth my life
To make my wife
Not tally a lot less …

The last line can be a hetero-graph, playing on words which sound like Netalia Lackless.

Also, Kvothe's mother comes from noble roots, and Netalia ran off with a traveling troupe, presumably the Edema Ruh.

Lastly, Kvothe finds Meluan's appearance very familiar, although he cannot place why, but he says the resemblance was definitely not from the University nor from Imre.

There is also the immediate reaction Laurian had when she overhears Kvothe singing a gaudy and less-than-flattering children's rhyme about "Lady Lackless", after which she says "I imagine you could make it up to both Lady Lackless and myself if you found some sweet nettle for the pot tonight?", implying that if Kvothe did that, he would not only "make it up" to his mother for saying those things, but to 'Lady Lackless herself'.

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