Stream and stone, it’s frightening how primitive you people are.


It was after midnight when Kote returned to Newarre carrying Chronicler over his lacerated shoulders. The Waystone Inn was lit up.

Bast was waiting impatiently, Note in hand. After expressing his anger about Kote slipping off with only a brief explanation, Bast carries Chronicler back to the Inn.

Bast realises Kote kept a piece of Carter's Scrael as bait for the other Scrael.

After undressing Chronicler and putting him to bed, Bast tends to Kote's wounds. He washes away the blood and queries Kote being 'Bloodless.'

Learning five Scrael had attacked, Bast wonders how Kote managed to stay alive.

While Kote sleeps Bast watches over him singing a strange, lilting tune, almost a lullaby:

How odd to watch a mortal kindle
Then to dwindle day by day.
Knowing their bright souls are tinder 
And the wind will have its way. 
Would I could my own fire lend. 
What does your flickering portend?



Kote goes out to hunt the Scrael leaving Bast a Note saying "If you are reading this I am probably dead."