"This never would have happened if he'd listened to me in the first place."
―Old Cob[1]

Old Cob is a resident of Newarre and a regular at the Waystone Inn.

Description Edit

Old Cob is an elderly patron of the Waystone. He eats there most nights with his companions, Graham, Shep, Jake, and Aaron. He is noted as a lifelong bachelor and a voracious eater.

In The Chronicle Edit

Old Cob is often used within the frame story to introduce details of the setting. He is a proud storyteller, first to introduce the mythic Taborlin the Great and even addressing folktales of the Legendary Kvothe the Arcane. He functions as a sort of father-figure to the rest of the group offering wisdom and advice. Though it is often unsolicited he is still well respected by them.

References Edit

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