"We certainly would not want to offend you or your patron..."
―A mayor to Arliden[1]

Patrons are people who sponsor performers by providing them with money, clothes, protection, and endorsement. In exchange the performers enhance the reputation of the benefactor and spread goodwill on their behalf.

In The Chronicle Edit

In The Name of the Wind, Kvothe's troupe is under the patronage of Baron Greyfallow. He provided them with two new outfits per year and for two span the troupe stayed at his residence and performed for him.

The narrative also addresses Kvothe's own search for a patron after the death of his troupe. Though his efforts are often thwarted by his ongoing fued with Ambrose Jakis. Eventually, he travels to Vintas on the recommendation of his friend, Count Threpe, hoping to gain the patronage of Maer Alveron.

Denna, Kvothe's love interest throughout the chronicle, gains the patronage of the mysterious Master Ash, in the Wise Man's Fear.

References Edit

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