"What did you steal, Nalt?"
―Pike to Kvothe[1]

Pike is a street urchin living in Tarbean, he is a childhood enemy of Kvothe.


Pike lives in the Dockside area of Tarbean which is located in the Waterside District. He is described as twice Kvothe's size with dark hair and savage eyes. He is the leader of a small gang of child thieves.

In The Chronicle

On Kvothe's first day in Tarbean he has a run in with Pike and his comrades who attempt to mug him and steal Arliden's lute. Instead Kvothe's struggles to escape them and in the process his father's lute is broken. He is then beaten by Pike until a city watchmen stops him. Kvothe does not see Pike again until about a year before he meets the storyteller Skarpi. After spying the waif walking down a street, Kvothe secretly stalks him to discover the place where he sleeps, a pile of crates at the end of an alley. When Pike leaves for the day Kvothe steals down into the shelter discovering Pikes cache of sentimental items which he proceeds to destroy. Relishing in his revenge Kvothe stays to long and is apprehended by Pike who brakes multiple ribs, gives him a black eye, and stabs him with a shiv that ultimately scars Kvothe. After this encounter Kvothe purchases a bottle of dreg and some matches, garners the attention of Pike and his small gang, only to lead them into a backroad where he summarily lights Pike on fire. This is the last encounter the two have as Kvothe does everything in his power to avoid dockside until he decides to attend the Half-Mast to test Skarpi's knowledge. He leaves Tarbean shortly after to attend The University.


It is possible that the scar Kvothe shows Master Arwyl after his whipping is from the leg wound inflicted by Pike after their second fight.


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