Ralien is the capital city of Ceald.

In the chronicle Edit

Wilem is from Ralien, where his family are wool merchants. [1]

Marten mentions that, three weeks before they had begun working with Kvothe, they had finished a caravan job from Ralien. "It was a long haul, and Dedan and me had a pocket full of coin and nothing in particular to do with it, so by the end of the night we’re sitting in this grubby little dockside tavern, too drunk to stand up and leave. And he starts talking about her. [...] He went on for an hour, and you wouldn’t have recognized the woman he was describing as our hard-eyed Hespe. He practically sang about her.”[2]

When travelers at the Waystone Inn began asking questions about Kvothe, he gives Bast instructions to tell them that he was "a city-licensed escort from Ralien. Wounded while successfully defending a caravan. Arrow in right knee. Three years ago. Summer. A grateful Cealdish merchant gave me money to start an inn. His name is Deolan. We were traveling from Purvis."[3]

References Edit

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