Rhetoric and Logic is a book that Abenthy used to teach Kvothe about argument (which is incidentally a book that Kvothe hates). Ben gives Kvothe a copy of Rhetoric and Logic as a goodbye present when Ben settles down in the town of Hallowfell with an attractive widow. In it he inscribes the following message to Kvothe:

Defend yourself well at the University. Make me proud. Remember your father’s song. Be wary of folly.
Your friend,

Kvothe pawns the book in Tarbean for two talents in order to have enough money to travel to The University. In the receipt Kvothe gets from the owner of The Broken Binding, Kvothe writes two pennies instead of talents, which the shopkeeper does not notice.

During his admissions interview, Kvothe tells the Masters that a letter was inscribed in the book Rhetoric and Logic which he had to pawn in Tarbean. Master Lorren retrieves the book for Kvothe, who buys the book back later from Master Lorren. 

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