Rian, often known by her nickname Ria, is a student at the University.

In the chronicle

Rian is the only woman mentioned in Kvothe's Principals of Sympathy class with Master Hemme, and one of the few female students at the University.

During Hemme's first sympathy class of the term, she underestimated the size of the Mews and was tardy. When she arrived, he exclaimed that he was "suddenly pleased that we have not yet begun today’s discussion," and pretended to be kind by escorting her to an available seat and helping her arrange her pens and ink, to her profound embarrassment. He then asked her to cross her legs. When she did, he announced that "now that the gates of hell are closed [...] we can begin." He proceeded to ignore her for the rest of class, which Kvothe believed was an "inadvertent kindness."[1]


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