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"Just one. Just one favor just this once. It’s a big one. But I’ll pay. I’ll pay triple."

Rike is the eldest child of Jessom and "Nettie" Williams in Newarre. He had previously lied and broken a promise to Bast, which Bast settled very firmly. He is younger than Tam, but taller than the greystone at the foot of the lightning tree hill.

In The Chronicle Edit

Brann delivers a message to Bast that Rike wants to meet him. Later that day Rike steals Bast's book from a tree he had left it in, leaving yet another message, "I ned ta tawk ta ewe. Ets emportant. Rike".

Finally meeting Bast at the edge of the lightning tree clearing, he asks his favor: “I need you to get rid of my da". Bast agrees after hearing his story, but first Rike must find a river stone.

Later in the day Rike returns with the stone but is now told to borrow a needle from a house where no men live. Bast convinces him to decide on Old Gran as the lender and Rike returns by evening. Over the greystone Bast uses one drop of Rike's blood on the stone and one drop of Bast's blood through the river stone. He then gives Rike wax and tells him to rub it on the stone and then take it to the top of the highest hill he can find until sundown, after which he can give the charm to his mother.

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