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King Roderic is the King of Vintas. The royal court is in the three part city of Renere. It is said that in the king’s court in Renere, there’s not a gentleman would dare be seen without a sword.

Speculation Edit

It is speculated among fans that Kvothe kills the king of Vint.

Conversation between the Maer Alveron and Kvothe.

“I could not help but notice that you are armed,” he remarked, disapproval heavy on his voice. My hand went unconsciously to Caesura. It was at my hip now, rather than over my shoulder. “Is there aught amiss with that, your grace? I have understood that all men keep the right to gird themselves in Vintas.” “It is hardly proper.” He stressed the word. “I understand that in the king’s court in Renere, there’s not a gentleman would dare be seen without a sword.” “Well-spoken as you are, you are no gentleman,” Alveron pointed out coolly, “as you would do well to remember.” I said nothing.“Besides, it is a barbarian custom, and one that will bring the king to grief in time. No matter what the custom in Renere, in my city, my house, and my garden, you will not come before me armed.” He turned to look at me with hard eyes.

"It will bring the king grief in time..."

It was also confirmed by Patrick Rothfuss that Kvothe will visit the capital of Vintas, Renere, in the third book, named for now 'The Doors of Stone'.

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