King Roderic is the King of Vintas, and resides in the royal palace in Renere.


King Roderic Calanthis is the head of House Calanthis, the rulers of Vint.

The Calanthis family has ruled Vint since its founding, taking it from the Maer Alveron's ancestors. Generations before The Name of the Wind, the empire came into Vint, "converting everyone to the iron law and The Book of the Path."[1]

The royal palace is located in the capital Renere, the "three-part city." In the Calanthis court, gentlemen carry swords.[2]

Despite this, the Maer Alveron maintains considerable political influence, as his family has "fought to hold [its] plenary powers."[3] Because of this, the Maer Alveron has the authority to do most things Roderic himself can: grant titles, raise armies, coin money, and levy taxes.[1]

It is unclear if Feyda Calanthis and Jarvis Calanthis, the first "king[s] of Tarvintas,"[4] are ancestors of Roderic, or if Tarvintas itself is the etymology of Vintas.

The Eld Vintic name for sipquicks, which are small, hummingbird-like birds, is Calanthis.[5]

The expression "rich as the King of Vint" refers to exceptional wealth.[1][6]

In the Chronicle

Roderic Calanthis has yet to appear in The Kingkiller Chronicle or any of its spin-off stories. However, he and his family are mentioned several times.

The king receives a tithe from the Maer Alveron, for which he holds him personally responsible.[7]

The Maer indicates that he and the King are involved, to some degree, a power struggle; the Maer refuses to even consider any woman the King has any influence over for a wife. This enmity extends into him offhandedly calling Roderic "a bastard."[8]

At the end of The Wise Man's Fear, rumours arrive from Renere to say that Prince Regent Alaitis has been killed in a duel. This sends Renere into "chaos" as nobility try to capitalise on the death.[2]

Alveron thinks it is "hardly proper" that the king allows nobles at his court to appear armed, considering it a "barbarian custom, and one that will bring the king grief in time."[2]

Spoilers About Book Three

Patrick Rothfuss has confirmed that Kvothe will travel to Renere, the seat of House Calanthis, in The Doors of Stone.[9]

In December 2017, Rothfuss said that the king has three Prince Regents, adding this is why Renere is known as the "three-part city."[10]


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