Selas Flower

The Selas flower is a flower in which Kvothe describes Denna during a moon light stroll in The University.


It is a deep red flower that grows in a vine. Its leaves are dark and delicate.It grows best in shadowy places like deep forests but the flower itself finds stray sunbeams to bloom in. It is a rare flower having a wondrous smell.

In The Chronicle

Denna, during a moonlight stroll, asks Kvothe to pick a name of a flower which would suit her character and make her happy. Kvothe after, citing a long list of flower's name, concludes that Sellas flower would best fit her personality as both are often sought but seldom found. And if one is not careful in handling them, then they would lose both of them. However, Denna admits that she had never seen the Sellas flower and she would prefer Daisies rather than Sellas.

Later, Kvothe shows these flowers to Denna in Maer Alveron's garden in Vintas. Denna, on seeing the flowers, admits that they are beautiful and perhaps suit her character.