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Selitos, later in life called Selitos One-Eye, is one of the legendary heroes in the folklore of the Four Corners . Selitos was a great friend to Lanre and the other heroes of that age and was the lord of Myr Tariniel, in the kingdom of Ergen . Selitos was able to protect Myr Tariniel as the rest of the eight great cities were destroyed, by virtue of his amazing power of sight and gift at Naming . It was said that just by looking at a thing, Selitos could see its hidden name and understand it, and that he could read the hearts of men like books. Using this sight he watched the mountain passes that led to Myr Tariniel and could see any attack long before it became a threat.

After the death of Lyra , Lanre's madness overtook him and he visited Myr Tariniel. He then lured Selitos away from the city into a remote high place in the mountains, and bound him still and silent with a power in Naming that he had never before possessed. Selitos had believed only Aleph, Iax, and Lyra could match his skill in Naming, yet Lanre had somehow acquired skill enough to hold Selitos powerless. It is at this time, the reader learns about Lanre's recently developed, far more nefarious persona, Haliax. Selitos is then forced to watch as his city, Myr Tariniel, is sacked and burned by Lanre's forces.

Once the city had fallen, Selitos regained his powers and his mobility. Lanre then asked if, as a friend, Selitos could kill him. Selitos looked into what Lanre had become and saw that he could not. Instead, he used a stone of mountain glass to put out his eye and curse Lanre with a binding:

  • Then Selitos spoke, 'This is my doom upon you. May your face be always held in shadow, black as the toppled towers of my beloved Myr Tariniel.'
  • 'This is my doom upon you. Your name will be turned against you, that you shall have no peace.'
  • 'This is my doom upon you and all who follow you. May it last until the world ends and the Aleu fall nameless from the sky.'

Supposedly, this is why the folkloric figure of Haliax, the leader of the Chandrian, is encircled in shadow. It also lends creedance to the idea that speaking the True Name of a Chandrian can call them to your location.

Later, in a second story told by Skarpi, Selitos One-Eye speaks with Aleph, stating that he can not forgive Lanre, nor can he join with the Angels. Instead, he formed the Amyr with a group of remaining Ruach, stating:

  • 'I must refuse, for I cannot forget. But I will oppose Lanre with these faithful Ruach beside me. I see their hearts are pure. We will be called the Amyr in memory of the ruined city. We will confound Lanre and any who follow him. Nothing will prevent us from attaining the greater good.'

In this way, according to Skarpi, Selitos founded the Amyr.

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