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"I am sorry, but my heart says to me I must try to stop these things before they are done, not wait and punish later."
―Selitos to Aleph[1]

Selitos, later in life known as Selitos One-Eye, is one of the legendary heroes in the folklore of the Four Corners.

Description Edit

Selitos is the Lord ruling over Myr Tariniel, one of the eight remaining cities of the Ergen Empire during The Creation War. He was a friend and ally of Lanre and Lyra. The text describes him as the most powerful namer of the time period. He is further elucidated as strict, fair, just, and well-loved by his people. In The Wise Man's Fear, it is explained by Felurian that he is not a mortal.

In The Chronicle Edit

In the folktale narrated by Skarpi in The Name of the Wind, Selitos is a powerful namer, who allies with Lanre and Lyra during The Creation War. After the death of Lyra, Lanre is fundamentally changed by embarking on a quest to revive her. This occurance is exposed when Lanre visits Selitos in his home city of Myr Tariniel. He coaxes the namer alone to a mountain top where Lanre overtakes him with his new found power and subsequently reveals his far more nepharious new persona, Haliax. Selitos is then forced to watch his city be destroyed by the forces of The Chandrian.

Once the city had fallen, Selitos regained his abilities. He then uses them to look into Lanre and see what he has become. It is at this time that Lanre asks Selitos to kill him, however the namer reveals that he cannot permanently slay the entity and that Haliax will always return from oblivion. Following this revelation, Haliax invites Selitos to join him in his apocalyptic pursuits. Selitos ultimately refuses, and instead, using a stone of mountain glass, puts out his eye cursing Haliax and his followers, afterward known as The Chandrian.

Later, Selitos One-Eye meets with Aleph, who attempts to recruit the namer into a sect known as the Angels, a sort of karmic force the being installs on Temerant following the conclusion of The Creation War. However, Selitos declines the request after learning that he would no longer be allowed to seek vengeance for the loss of Myr Tariniel. Instead, he forms the Order Amyr, and vows to confound The Chandrian in an attempt to attain the greater good.

Speculation Edit

It is speculated by many fans of the series that Selitos is still living, this is somewhat supported by Felurian's apparent affirmation of his immortality.

Many fans believe Selitos is the ctheah. The first piece of evidence is the Loeclos Box. Selitos picked up a shard of mountain glass. (While analyzing the box Kvothe says this, "No. By the weight of it, perhaps something made of glass or stone." This is the only glass stone mentioned in the chronicle.) It was used by Selitos to cut out his own eye. The stone is clearly important. The Loeclos box is made from rhinna wood, (people confuse roah and rhinna wood, they are different) which smells like spice wood and lemon. Meanwhile the rhinna tree smells like smoke and spice and leather and lemon. The Loeclos box is used to keep Selitos trapped to the tree. Selitos power is described very much like what the ctheah can do. Skarpi asks the crowd "Who wants to hear the story of a man who lost his eye and gained a better sight?" Just by looking at a thing Selitos could see its hidden name and understand it. In those days there were many who could do such things, but Selitos was the most powerful namer alive. Such was the power of his sight that he could read the hearts of men like heavy lettered books. In Hespes story Jax climbs high into the mountains and meets the hermit. Selitos also resided high in the mountain, Myr Tariniel sat among the tall mountains of the world. The hermit gives Jax advice on how to get the moon to come to him, something the ctheah is rumored to have done. In Denna's version Selitos was a tyrant, an insane monster who tore out his own eye in fury at Lanres clever trickery. How does bast describe the ctheah? He calls it a monster. Now Denna's and Skarpi's version of the story differ on almost everything except on one point. Selitos was tricked. He did not see this coming. 7 were poisoned against the empire and 6 of them betrayed the cities that trusted them. But 1 city was not betrayed. The sensible conclusion would be that Selitos convinced Lanre to do this. Lanre figured out he was being manipulated. Lanre remembered the lethani. Lanre's city survived because he marched his army on myr Tariniel. When Lanre says the choice is between weeds and nothing, he is right. Living under the ctheahs influence or destroy the world. Remember what Skarpi says, too much truth confuses the facts. The truth is Lanre saved the 4c. The fact is he now wants to destroy it.

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