Seth was a farmer that gave young Kvothe a ride to Tarbean.

In the Chronicles

As Kvothe was traveling on the road in search of new lute strings, he was stopped by the old farmer, his son Jake, and their mule, Sam. They offered him a ride, which Kvothe accepted. Along the way, he gave Kvothe a large chunk of brown bread with butter to eat, and he and his son sang "Tinker Tanner."

When they arrived in Tarbean, Seth asked him if he'd like "a couple of the finest orange butter squash this side of the Eld," before fully realizing the state that Kvothe was in. He then offered to take Kvothe back to his farm and let him live with them, explaining that they could use an extra hand some days. He told Kvothe that he would be selling in Seaward Square until sundown, if he wanted to come. However, after the incident with Pike, the farmer and his son are long gone by the time he returns to the square.