Shandi was an Edema Ruh member of Lord Greyfallow's Men.[1]


Shandi was mainly active as an actress and dancer in the plays, including The Swineherd and the Nightingale.[1]

In the Chronicle

At Kvothe's twelfth birthday party Shandi gave him a cloak with many pockets. She also offered to do a special dance for Abenthy that she had practiced for a long time. Abenthy, who was leaving the troupe to stay in Hallowfell, initially refused, but was then dragged by Shandi into her tent, encouraged by a cheer from the entire troupe. Later that night, Shandi was among the troupers who successfully convinced Arliden to perform his song about Lanre.[2]

In the months after the troupe left Hallowfell, Shandi taught Kvothe the courtly dances of a half dozen countries.[3]

Together with the rest of the troupe, she was killed by the Chandrian. When Kvothe returned to the camp, he found Shandi's body next to a fire and a small pot still boiling potatoes. Her clothes were hanging in tatters about her, her face was sticky with blood and her eyes were flat and empty. Her wagon was standing with one wheel in Marion's campfire and splintered when Kvothe gripped it, giving him away to the members of the Chandrian.[3]


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