Skoivan "Schiem" Schiemmelpfenneg is a swineherd that Kvothe and Denna encounter after they leave the town of Trebon.

Description Edit

He's characterized by an extremely thick accent that suggests that he grew up in a truly remote location in the Commonwealth. He's lean and his skin is leathery from the sun, with a scraggly beard, and he carries a long stick with a bronze bell hanging from it, as well as a tattered bag over one shoulder. He "smelled better than you'd probably expect."

In the Chronicle Edit

After chancing along Schiem's grazing pigs, Kvothe and Denna bought one of his pigs to eat. The three ate dinner together, with Kvothe's ulterior motive being to coax out as much information from Schiem about the mysterious happenings at the Mauthen wedding. Schiem revealed that the Mauthens were digging up the foundation of their house and discovered as old artifact or stone, and also told Kvothe about several washes of blue flame that he has seen from the north. On top of Borrorill, Kvothe and Denna meet a Draccus and learn that it was this creature that was source of these blue flames.

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