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The "span" is the eleven day "week" within the setting. The appendix of the German edition of NotW says that there are four spans in each month.

The days of the span are:

  1. Luten
  2. Shuden
  3. Theden
  4. Feochen
  5. Orden
  6. Hepten
  7. Chaen
  8. Felling
  9. Reaving
  10. Cendling
  11. Mourning

There are also seven days of High Mourning at the end of each year, for a total of 359 days in a year.

The days are all related to the Tehlin religion. This is revealed in the story told by Trapis. The first seven days are simply numbered in Temic, representing the days Menda (Tehlu) chased Encanis.

Felling, Reaving, Cendling, and Mourning all have rough English translations or at least strong associations.

  • Felling – As in felling a tree by chopping it down. This is the day when Tehlu felled Encanis.
  • Reaving – Reave (Archaic) means to seize and carry away; to steal or pillage. Encanis is seized and chained to the giant iron wheel.
  • Cendling – Kindling, lighting a fire. On this day, Tehlu's followers lit the fire that would burn Encanis.
  • Mourning – Mourning as in grieving, not the beginning part of the day. On this day, Tehlins mourn the death of Tehlu.

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