"When the road crossed the Omethi River, there was an old stone bridge. I don’t doubt that you know the type. It was one of those ancient, mammoth pieces of architecture scattered throughout the world, so old and solidly built that they have become part of the landscape, not a soul wondering who built them, or why."

Stonebridge is the name of a vast stone bridge which spans the Omethi river between Imre and the University.

Description Edit

Stonebridge is about two hundred feet long and wide enough for two wagons to pass each other. It has a high arch, reaching up to sixty feet above the river at its peak, with three-foot parapets running along both edges. Originally part of the Great Stone Road, it is described as being "straight as a nail, flat as a table, and older than God."[1]

Stonebridge has more stories and legends surrounding it than any other University landmark.[2] It is believed that spitting over the edge of the bridge will bring you good luck.

References Edit

  1. The Wise Man's Fear, Chapter 36, "All This Knowing"
  2. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 54, "A Place to Bum"

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