The title of this article is conjectural.
Although it is based on canonical information, the term "Tehlinism" has not been confirmed.

Tehlins are those who follow Tehlu as creator and god. Their religion is the most dominant in the Aturan Empire and the Commonwealth , and is known for being strict, severe, and somewhat repressed. Tehlin priests wear pale gray robes, which are meant as a reminder of Tehlu's sacrifice of allowing himself to be immolated in order to hold the demon Encanis on the iron wheel in the fire and destroy it. The Tehlin church employs soldiers, and these are sometimes commanded by Justices , who wear a small emblem of silver scales as a mark of rank. Justices are a form of church police allowed to mete out the authority of the church in places where it holds sway.

A Justice named Erlus had Skarpi arrested for heresy after he told one of his stories at the Half-Mast in Tarbean, prompting Kvothe's flight from that city towards the University.

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