Teren was an Edema Ruh member of Lord Greyfallow's Men.[1]


Teren was a bearded ex-mercenary who spent many years traveling with Kvothe's family. [2] He was mainly active as an actor and swordsman in the plays, including The Swineherd and the Nightingale.[1] He had a fondness for dramatic soliloquies, and was supposedly able to shoot down a hawk in the air. [3]

In the Chronicle

At Kvothe's twelfth birthday party, held in Hallowfell, Teren staged a mock sword fight with Trip that ranged all over the camp. It included breathtaking swordplay and Teren provided a dramatic soliloquy. Later that night, Teren was among the troupers who successfully convinced Arliden to perform his song about Lanre.[4]

In the months after the troupe left Hallowfell, Teren taught Kvothe the basics of swordplay after he measured Kvothe against the hilt of his sword and judged him tall enough.[5]

Together with the rest of the troupe, he was killed by the Chandrian. When Kvothe returned to the camp, he saw Teren's body lying by his wagon, his sword broken in his hand and his clothes wet and red with blood. One of his legs was twisted unnaturally and the splintered bone was showing through the skin.[5]


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