"I, by signing below, hereby attest to the fact that I can neither read nor write."

The Broken Binding is a bookstore located in Seaward Square in Tarbean.

In The Chronicle Edit

Kvothe pawns his copy of Rhetoric and Logic, the book Abenthy gave him, for two talents and the option to buy it back from the store within twenty days. After the owner tries giving Kvothe a fake receipt, Kvothe writes his own replacing "two talents" with "silver pennies" which are worth significantly less.

After Kvothe is accepted into the University, Master Lorren agrees to buy the book from the owner and allows Kvothe to buy it back from him when he can afford it. He does so after he earns the talent pipes at the Eolian and starts eraning some money from playing the lute. Later he is forced to give it to Devi as collateral for his Loan before he travels to the Maer, he gets it back at the end of The Wise Man's Fear when he is marginally wealthy from his profits off The Bloodless Device and the cut of the money he receives from his forged tuitions, paid for by the Maer.

References Edit

  1. The Name of the Wind, Chapter 30, "The Broken Binding"

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