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The Doors of Stone is the title of the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. It will involve the chronicling of Kvothe's life from where 'The Wise Man's Fear' left off until an unknown time and will be the third and final day of the story. Patrick Rothfuss has said that this will be where Kvothe's story ends although The Four Corners of Civilization will be explored in further novels and novellas.

Doors of Stone are referenced several times in the Chronicle.

  • Skarpi tells that the enemy was set beyond the doors of stone at the Blac of Drossen Tor. (NotW Ch. 26)
  • The mysterious four plate door in the Archives is stone covered with plates of copper.
  • The doors of the University are made of stone.
  • Felurian says that the shaper who stole the moon is shut beyond the doors of stone. (WMF Ch. 102)
  • Bast swears upon the doors of stone. (WMF Ch. 105)
  • The Waystones, which might also be called Greystones, Standing Stones or Laystones, may be doorways that lead to other destinations like the Fae, or old roads.
  • The Lackless door mentioned by both of the children's songs and by Caudicus is not described as a door of stone, but it is described as lockless, much like the one in the library. Given that both Felurian, Bast, and Skarpi talk about "doors" of stone (plural) then it is possible that the Lackless door is also a door of stone.
  • On top of the hill near Trebon, where Kvothe and Denna first encounter the draccus, the stones upon which they take refuge are described as: "The only thing on the top of the hill was a handful of greystones. Three of the massive stones were stacked together to form a huge arch like a massive doorway." (NotW Ch. 74)
  • The Cthaeh tells Kvothe that the Maer has already come close to the Amyr. "Stick by the Maer and he will lead you to their door." and then Cthaeh implies he has just made a clever pun. The Amyr may be connected to the doors of stone. (WMF Ch. 104)

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