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The Doors of Stone
General Information

Patrick Rothfuss


United States



Published by

DAW Books

Media type

Print (Hardcover)

Chronological information
Preceded by:
The Wise Man's Fear
Followed by:

The Doors of Stone is the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. A release date has yet to be made public.

Description Edit

The Doors of Stone will involve the chronicling of Kvothe's life from where The Wise Man's Fear left off, it will be the third and final day of the story. The author, Patrick Rothfuss, has stated that this will be the ending of Kvothe's story, however he intends to explore Temerant further with additional writings.

In The Chronicle Edit

Doors of Stone are referenced several times in the Chronicle, leaving the title of the third installation the subject of much speculation. A list of possibilities has been compiled below:

  • In The Name of the Wind, Skarpi states that the enemy in The Creation War was set beyond the doors of stone at the Blac of Drossen Tor.
  • The mysterious four plate door in the Archives is stone covered with plates of copper.
  • The doors of the Archives are also noted as made of stone.
  • In The Wise Man's Fear, Felurian states that the shaper who stole the moon is shut beyond the doors of stone.
  • Also in The Wise Man's Fear, Bast swears upon the doors of stone.
  • The Waystones, also called Greystones, Standing Stones or Laystones, are doorways that lead to the Fae, thus making them Doors of Stone.

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