“This is the face of a man who has killed an angel."

Chapter summary

Finding his way downstairs to the common room of the Waystone Inn, Chronicler is welcomed by Kote who tells him he is in Newarre.

Reflecting on the previous nights encounter with the Scrael Chronicler realises he has found Kvothe. Kote is evasive at first but after discovering Chronicler's formal name of Devin Lochees, Kote remembers his guest as 'The Chronicler.' Chronicler says "we heard a rumour " causing Kote to question who 'we' refers to. "An old friend of yours, Skarpi," says Chronicler.

Chronicler sets out to persuade Kote to tell his life story: everyone thinks you are dead; other people say you are a myth; a red-handed killer, an assassin rather than a hero; the new Chandrian. "Some say there was a woman..." This finally breaks Kote. 

Recovering, Kote asks what brings Chronicler here and is told of an appointment with the Earl of Baedn-Bryt, three days from now at Treya.

Kote tells Chronicler 'Remembering' will take three days, and they will start the following day.



The PrIce of Remembering

  • For Kote: the haunting memory of a woman;
  • For Chronicler: three days, and missing the appointment with the Earl of Baedn-Bryt.