The Tale of Laniel Young-Again (working title) is a companion short story in The Kingkiller Chronicle series. Author Patrick Rothfuss is currently still working on it.

Plot summary Edit

Patrick Rothfuss reads "The Tale of Laniel Young-Again"06:42

Patrick Rothfuss reads "The Tale of Laniel Young-Again"

This is a short novel set in Modeg, around 150–200 years prior to Kvothe’s life. It tells the origin story of one of the legendary figures in the world: Laniel young-again. She is a woman who decides to go out and see the world after marrying and raising her kids. The author is playing against the idea that any female heroine is either the plucky tomboy type or inspired by a need to protect her children.[1][2]

Laniel Young-Again is mentioned a few times in the first two novels of the trilogy, though little is explicitly stated about her. She is generally mentioned in the company of great figures in the history of Temerant, such as Illien and Oren Velciter.[3]

Background and publication Edit

In an episode of Triangulation 99 Rothfuss said he was originally going to write a novella about the tale of Laniel, but ended up shaping it into a full-length book of approximately 100,000 words.[4]

The novella was supposed to come out before the third book of the trilogy, The Doors of Stone. In November 2013, during Worldbuilders 2013, at a show with Paul & Storm in Chicago, Rothfuss informally polled the audience about whether they would like it to come out soon or waiting for The Doors of Stone with nothing to tide them over. The response, and the response at later shows, was overwhelmingly in support of the former.[5]

By the time the Worldbuilders 2013 AMA rolled around, Rothfuss said that both The Slow Regard of Silent Things and Laniel's Tale would come out prior to The Doors of Stone. By June 2014, when The Slow Regard of Silent Things had a release date, Laniel's Tale remained unfinished and seemed to be undergoing major rewriting.[5]

After publishing The Slow Regard of Silent Things and gauging the response, Rothfuss' editor Betsy Wollheim from DAW Books decided that The Doors of Stone is to be finished and published first.[6]

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