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The University is a place of higher learning, specializing in many different fields of study.

Description Edit

The University is situated approximately two miles west of Imre, separated from the city by the Omethi River which can be crossed by the Stonebridge. The University is comprised of fifteen different buildings which house the disciplines taught within. It is surrounded by a small town that caters to the needs of the students. The University is a well respected institution throughout the Four Corners, and the only place where one may earn a guilder and be recognized as a true arcanist. The University stands out due to its instruction in disciplines that closely resemble magic, replacing technological development with Sympathy, Artificery, Alchemy and Naming. When Kvothe attended the University, it contained somewhere under 1500 students, who generally came from wealthy families.

Terms, Admissions, and Tuition Edit

Students attend the University for discrete terms, each term lasting exactly two months. There are four terms in a year, then a seven day break for High Mourning at the year's end.

The last span of each term is reserved for admissions interviews. These interviews, conducted by the university Masters, serve to admit new students and to subject returning students to questions which assess what they've learned throughout the term. Tuition is set individually for each student, according to the responses to the questions asked of them, and generally increases as you gain higher ranks in the arcanum. Kvothe is the first known student to have received money for attending during his first term.


Each field of study in the University has a Master who is responsible for all education under that discipline. Introductory courses are often taught by gillers, or occasionally a Master from another discipline, but advanced courses in each subject are likely the exclusive province of the associated Master.

There are nine Masters in total.

Title Responsibilities Current holder of the position
Master Alchemist Alchemy, Chemistry Master Mandrag
Master Archivist In charge of the Archives


Master Lorren
Master Arithmatician Mathematics, Geometry Master Brandeur
Master Artificer In charge of the Artificery

Artificing, Sygaldry


Master Kilvin
Master Linguist Languages


Chancellor Arthur Herma
Master Namer Naming Master Elodin
Master Physicker In charge of the Medica

Medicine, Herbology

Anatomy, Physiognomy

Master Arwyl
Master Rhetorician Rhetoric


Master Jasom Hemme
Master Sympathist Sympathy Master Elxa Dal

In The ChronicleEdit

Kvothe and many other pivotal characters attend the University which is a major setting in the chronicle. Kvothe becomes notorious throughout the school, in part due to his remarkable aptitude and in part because of stories told about him, some of which are based in truth, while others are not. Early in his tenure, Kvothe is banned from the Archives, which he views as a tremendous setback to his efforts to learn as much as possible about the Chandrian and Amyr, his primary reason for attending the institution. In the absence of the Archives accessibility, he takes up study in The Artificery and well as the Medica, hoping to advance through the ranks of the Arcanum as quickly as possible.

The University quickly becomes a new home for Kvothe, especially after he settles into his role as house musician at Anker's, a tavern in the hamlet surround The University. As he becomes accustomed to the school he begins to discover it is surrounded by an element of mystery, housing such strange artifacts as the four-plate door and The Underthing, a subterranean compound apparently comprised of the ruins of an ancient civilization. It is during his time at the University that Kvothe meets the elusive Auri, whom he eventually befriends, as well as being introduced to Elodin, who possesses great prowess in naming, an art Kvothe has expressed interest in since his childhood with the Edema Ruh.

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