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The University



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Educational Institute


Presided over by 9 Masters

Situated across the Omethi river from the town of Imre, the University is a place of higher learning dealing in many different fields. While the technological and cultural level of society in the Four Corners of Civilization seems to be roughly equivalent to the late Middle Ages or early Renaissance, the University stands out due to its instruction in disciplines that closely resemble magic, replacing technological development with Sympathy, Artificery, Alchemy and Naming. During the time Kvothe attends the University, it has somewhere under 1500 students.

Place in the StoryEdit

Kvothe attends the University, as do many other pivotal characters, including Ambrose, Wilem, and Simmon. Kvothe becomes notorious throughout the University, in part due to his remarkable aptitude and in part because of stories told about him, some of which are based in truth, while others are not. Kvothe personally admits that he started some rumors to bolster his reputation. Also contributing to his notoriety is his public whipping during his first span in the University which is partially responsible for his nickname "the Bloodless." Early in his tenure, Kvothe was banned from the Archives, which he views as a tremendous setback to his efforts to learn as much as possible about the Chandrian and Amyr, his primary reason for attending to begin with. The University is primarily made up of students from wealthy families throughout The Four Corners of Civilization, and Kvothe is the first known student to ever recieve a scholarship to attend, though it is only for one term.

The University is an old and mysterious place. In the Archives it is known that a door exists with no hinges or handle. Four plates cover the door and it is inscribed with the word Valaritas. This door sparks Kvothe's interest, but what is behind it is yet unknown and thus far Kvothe has no means of entering. As well as the door, it appears the University was built over the top of an even more ancient city, the name of which is the subject of much speculation, but is referenced in the series as the Underthing. The Underthing is a network of ruins not easily navigatable, though Auri has a seemingly perfect memory of them. Kvothe sometimes visits Auri in the Underthing, it is here that he also locates a secret entrance to the Archives.


Each field of study in the University has a Master who is responsible for all education under that discipline. However, it would appear that different Masters teach courses in disciplines other than their own. For Instance, Master Hemme has taught an introductory Sympathy course at least once. Although, Advanced courses in each subject seem to be the exclusive province of the associated Master.

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Students attend the University for discrete terms. From information related by Devi during her first loan to Kvothe, it is known that each term lasts approximately two months. From the length of time it takes to move through the Medica (six terms an E'lir, eight a Re'lar, ten as an El'the, six years total), it can be deduced that there are four terms per year. The last span of each term is reserved for admissions for the following term. The Masters set each student's tuition at the start of each term through individual interviews.

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