"I was looking for the name of the wind."


Kote begins the account of his life and deeds by saying that at the heart of who he is one must remember he was of the Edema Ruh.  The Edema Ruh are court performers: actors and acrobats, musicians and hand magicians, jugglers and jesters: his family.

He talks about his mother and father. Their patron Baron Greyfallow. He talks about life in the centre of a fair. How he was educated: the travelling barrister, Laclith the huntsman, the courtesan of the royal court in Modeg, Hetara, and Abenthy.

The troupe arrive at a town and mayor wants rid of them. "That was the hardest part of growing up Edema Ruh. We are strangers everywhere. Many folk view us as vagabonds and beggars, while others deem us little more than thieves, heretics, and whores." After learning that Baron Greyfallow is the troupe's patron the mayor has a change of heart.

While the troupe was preparing for the show and people were arriving another wagon had rolled into the other end of town. The major argued with the old man trying to drive him away too. The major summons the constable. As the constable advances, the old man tries to bluff his way out of trouble by lighting sympathy lamps. When this fails and the constable takes hold of him by the arm, and twists it hard, a furious gust and of wind drives the constable away.  This was magic.

Kote is fascinated, stepping forward to meet the man. He is called Abenthy: Arcanist Extraordinary - a wizard. Kote invites Abenthy to join the troupe.


  • Kote
  • Kote's father
  • Mayor
  • Trip
  • Marion and his wife
  • Kote's mother
  • Abenthy
  • Tom, the Constable


Many folk view travelling entertainers as little more than Thieves, Heretics, and Whores.