• I recently reread the books and remembered a theory I had thought about a while ago, but never publicly posted.

    There are three separate occasions, which I can recall from the top of my head, where it is explicitly mentioned, that Kvothe has some kind of protection against arrows (wodden shaft arrows or metal head arrows that is).

    - In the myth surrounding Kvothe something is mentioned along the lines of Kvothe can only be hurt by an arrow, if the arrow has special properties.

    - When an archer tries to shoot him during the battle in the Eld, Kvothe is saved by a 'gust of wind' - or is he?

    - Kvothe is not harmed before, during or after speaking to the Cthae, despite Bast explicitly mentioning them shooting anyone who approaches it with arrows.

    All of the above leads me to believe, that Kvothe is imbued with the function of his 'Bloodless' device. I postulate, that when Elodin named the thing 'Bloodless' he imbued Kvothe 'the Bloodless' by fusing the names of the object and the person (intentionally or accidentally).


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