• I've seen speculation here that the king Kvothe kills is Ambrose, which seems like the logical choice. However, it almost seems too logical. I think that Kvothe kills someone (perhaps Baron Jakis) and Ambrose ends up as king because of it. Thus, Ambrose is the king in the time the story is being told. That would help to explain the huge reward for Kvothe's life. It would also explain why Kvothe is trying to keep his friends from joining the King's army.

    Just a thought.

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    • Thats a really interesting theory. I did like the idea of Master Ash being "the king" .. after kvothe learns of Denna's patron beating her, he loses it and kills Master Ash. 

      The anger of a gentleman. 

      But your theory does have a more likely outcome.

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    • Remember there is a civil war going on in the world.  The King and the Penitent King are fighting.  The Penitent King is likely the Maer, and the one he is fighting is likely Ambrose.

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    • The shoulders are wearing alverons colors it's almost been confirmed that Alveron is the king, the penitent king could Ambrose father but that seems unlikely since he's 13th in line to the throne.

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