• Just a completely random thought the other day, but could the Chronicler be a member of one of the distant branches of the Lackless family?

    I've got nothing to go on but the name, but still worth consideration.

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    • Names are important, you know.... ;)

      Did you come up with this by yourself? :) It is pretty certain in my opinion that you are right, though it might very well never actaully be confirmed through the books. Maybe an easteregg of some kind, as Rothfuss seems to enjoy this sort of thing ^^


      If you wanna keep playing this game, consider the name Denna in relation to dennerling, or as Kote says while 'abjuring' Bast Denna-Leyan.

      Also if you have missed it, there are references to Kvothe's mother being a noble and his father once sang a song ending on something like 'to make my wife no tally a lot less.' which resembles 'to make my wife netalia lockless'. Other threads in this forum have elaborated this.

      There are a multitude of similar names and words, and to me it is part of the fun to search them out and consider which ones Rothfuss intentionally planted in order to imply, and which ones might actually be true. I suspect Rothfuss of playing a double game here and implying things that are plain and simply not true, despite the fact that they look like it. Might still be, that the Lockless thing has barely anything to do with Kvothe, or rather, that the truth will never be plainly written in the books, though the latter doesn't seem like him after all.

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    • Kvothe family is the main branch, but I wonder if any of the branches preserved some lore or secret, that they might not even know they have. Something that could complete Kvothe and alter the world.

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    • I did come up with that one myself. Could be completely random, or intentional. Might look at Denna ones, hadn't thought of those

      had picked up on Kvothe being Meluan's nephew though. that one has more evidence

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    • I wonder if such a famous author ever thought to write a book about his own family history. It would be interesting to see what is discovered.

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    • I'm pretty sure Kvothe is family with the lackless. Meluan hate edema Ruh's bcz her sister ran away with edema ruh's and left her alone. Kvothes mother is som sort of noble, thats said in the begining, and Kvothe sang something rude about lackless so his mother got a bit angry and said Meluan was a real person. Coincidence? I think not.

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    • Okay, I was just skimming this thread and it came to my mind- I know Bast put out a search for someone to "make his reshi remember", but I didn't even think of Devan being a branch of the Lochees. Does anyone think he could be out to seek revenge or carry out a favor for Meluan? This is really random and sudden, but I have a gut feeling they're connected somehow.

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    • Manet is Latin for remain or he remains.  That's a fun little joke.

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    • Actually i came to this wiki because i was wondering that myself... i'm almost sure Devan lochees is related to Kvother's blook and tothe lakless. Caqudicus tells Kvothe the the Lockless because lackless, lachees, leoples or some other names i cant reall, but definless Lochees could be one of them.

      as to the theory that Meluan is Kvothe's aunt, i'm almost certain of thet, and everytime i read the book It becomes more evident that kvothe's mother is Natalia Lackless, what i'm not 100% sure is that kvothe is the son of Arliden... i kean, Kvother is a little fae around the edges aftr all (repeatedly said everywhere in both books) and his parents were no redheads...

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