• Could Elodin be of the Fae? Kvolthe during his time in the fae with Felurian mentioned him many times and even stated Felurian was a more attractive version of Elodin. Just a thought. 

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    • I think he visited the fae/Felurian, but is not one of them. Perhaps seeing Felurian is what made him crack.

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    • iirc, no other man has escaped Felurian.

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    • I agree, if not Fae, he know the Fae realms in person, he was not impressed of Kvothe talkig about Felurian, and he most likely has gone to chase the wind ot he edge of the map, he also tells Kvothe abou the "edges" are the places where is easier to learn about names. Almost sure he learned Naming in the Fae,at least part of it.

      as for him being Fae... i think there are mayn namers on the University for not noticing. unless the Masters would know and accept him as master (and once Chancellor). But to his credit, he was more advanced than Kvothe at his age... of crouse we don't know if kvothe would have beaten his records if he had not been delayerd 3 years in tarbean... nevertheless him and kvothe seems to be way WAY smarter than the rest of the students that the University have seen... and about kvothe himselfs, several times in the books have been told that he is a bit Fae around the edges...

      he's impossibly smart and skilled and he has Red hair unlike any of his parents...

      Also, Kvothe's mom says (when Kvothe's parents were talking with Ben by the fire) that she loved his dad, but his black is black ad kvothe's is red...

      Her Aunt does not sem to have red hair either... so one coud asume Kvothe is actually half fae... and also Elodin is... and that'as the reason both are so mart...

      just saying :D

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    • Iagree with some of the others that he has been to the other world, because he hands Auri a single whatchamacallit fruit, and Kvothe mentions that in passing as a terrible insult to a certain group of fae.  I kind of took it as him testing her to see if she was from that group.

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