• i have an idea

    i think kvothe's nameless ring is the ring of silence

    that's why he can control it

    what do you think?

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    • I was thinking it is something that non-namers can't put a "normal" name to, so its either something they are not aware of or something they can't understand. it could be silence as like cold it can only be described relative to another condition or as the absense of a thing, but I think it is something more like the name of souls or the fabric of reality.

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    • Maybe the ring is without name because no-one other thank Kvothe himself knows the name of it? I've only just hadthis thought and I don't think it's very likely. But, seeing how the poem isn't Kvothe/Kote himself talking about his own rings, but someone else, maybe it shows that it's nameless because no-on knows what it is, other than Kvothe? (Do I even make sense) 

      Also, I read somewhere that whilst the first hand is for naming, the second hand has a different purpose? Any thoughts on that? 

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    • The first hand is where you start, but you don't wear more than one ring on a given finger, so if he mastered more than 5 names he would move to his other hand from what I can gleen knowing a name and Mastering a name are two different things for example Elxa Dal knows the name of fire or at least can find it with relative easy, but he doesn't wear a ring of fire, so he either isn't a master of the name or doesn't want to display his naming ability. I find the first more likely.

      I mentioned else where that it is possible not all the rings in the rhyme are mastery rings, such as the Bone ring could be the ring from Meluan we don't know for certain at this point

      the wording of the rhyme is also interesting "the final ring was without name"

      if the rings name was simple not known then it would be more suitable to call it a ring with an unknown name or unspeakable name, but the rhyme stays "without Name" which means it is either some thing new thus unnamed or It was something that even the original namers could not name.

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    • I like the idea of the ring without name being something the original namers could not name. I have no idea what this could mean for the story or for Kvothe, but it sure does show just how heroic/adept Kvothe is in certain areas, furthering the heroic fantasy genre. And it could furthen some theories of Kvothe being Taborlin reincarnated as he's so powerful to know the names of many things and even something without name (?).

      Although, as Kvothe can be perceived as an unreliable narrator where there may or may not be proof for some things in his story or where rumours have begun to spread, we also don't know the exact amount of rings Kvothe has mastered, and the ring without name could just be a rumour to show how powerful he was? (Sorry if this isn;t relevent to the topic)

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    • Naming is a strange and not fully explained sort of magic, but we do know that the entire Fae was created from nothing by human namers, or rather Shapers, which are master namers. the tales of Kvothe also mention that he fought demons and killed an angel. So we know at some point Kvothe will gain great power most likely by opening the four plate door. Which on a somewhat related note I believe to be the resting place of Iax/Jax who pulled the moon into the Fae, perhaps the ring without a name is something he finds within his tomb.

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    • I heard on one forum that Kvothe possibly already knows how to open the four-plate door. He maybe already knows the name of copper and of stone so, if it's simply a matter of calling the names of copper and stone to open the door, it shuld be able to open easily. Although, knowing Patrick Rothfuss it's probably not that simple c': It's just another speculation. I think the whole theory of Iax and the ring being behind the door is amazing!!

      I'm going to guess that the demons are possibly the Chandrian but an angel? Maybe (I dont know where this idea came from) Denna could be the angel? Kvothe obviously loves her and maybe for some reason has to take her life? It'd definitely explain why she isn't around in the present day.

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    • Kvothe in the present of the book supposedly knows the name of stone and iron, but I haven't seen any indiction that he knows copper. but that aside even if the "narrator" Kvothe knows those names his younger self does not currently know any names aside from the wind, which is less knowing and more knowing how to find it on call.

      I somewhat misremembered the line I had to go back and read it Chronicler said the stories he heard said he gone looking for his hearts desire and had to trick a demon to get it but once it rested in his hands he was force to fight an angel to keep it.

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    • I wonder if his silence is a magical kind created by some kind of inverse of a name, instead of adding it is removing.

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    • I assumed it was to represent Felurian

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    • An angel may reffer to second Skarpi story from Tarbean. Selitos, Tehlu, Kirel, Deah and others came to Aleph. After touching them a wings grew on their back. Wings made from fire and shadow, iron and glass, stone and blood. They are original Amyrs and according to wings I guess we can consider them angels. So is it possible that Kvothe killed one of them? 

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