"It was a long time before he walked past the chest to bed. Once in bed, it was a long time before he slept."

Fan Art By: Dioxazzine

The thrice-locked chest is a mysterious chest located in Kote's room at the Waystone Inn.


It is made of roah wood, making it extremely heavy and dark colored. It is described as being smooth as polished glass and potently fragrant. It has three locks, one of iron, one of copper, and one that is unseen. Kvothe indicated that the locks may not be respectively iron and copper all the way through.

There are no hinges on the outside of the chest, and it is constructed so that the crack between the lid and bottom is practically seamless. Kote remarks to Bast in The Wise Man's Fear that the chest weighs over 400 pounds when empty.

In The Chronicle

The chest plays a generally ominous, yet small role within the chronicle, usually appearing to vex the Innkeeper Kote when he sets eyes upon it. Though it is never revealed what the chest contains, the text is suggestive that Kote does not posses the ability to open it, at least once asking Bast how he would go about completing such a task.


Fans have spent much time speculating about the contents of the chest. The theories of its content include the items Kvothe held dear, such as his lute and shaed, or that it contains his true name, thus leaving him disconnected from his former self.

It is generally agreed upon that the first two locks on the chest are to keep out the prying hands of Fae and Namers. What the unseen lock might relate to is thus far unknown.

Many fans also believe there is an affiliation between Kote's chest and the Lackless Box due to their similar construction and description. It's hinge-less nature took Kvothe 'a long while to work out', which implies he may have worked out how the Lackless Box opens.


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