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Tinker Tanner” is an immensely popular drinking song known all over The Four Corners of Civilization.


Tinker Tanner is an extremely old song and is hyperbolized as a song "that is older than God.” It is a simple song with many verses that people often feel encouraged to invent new ones to, especially obscene ones in their inebriated states.

In the Chronicle

The song is sang by many characters in the Kingkiller Chronicle including:

  • Kote: In the beginning of The Name of the Wind just before he meets The Chronicler.
  • Seth: A farmer that gives Kvothe a ride to Tarbean after Kvothe's troupe is killed.
  • Josn: On Roent's caravan that Kvothe takes to reach The University.
  • Wilem and Simmon: On the night that Kvothe was trying out for his talent pipes at the Eolian.
  • Kvothe: When Denna visits Anker's and Kvothe is determined to leave early to spend the night in her company. He encourages the people at the inn to make up their own verses so that the music will still be going on long after he leaves.
  • Kvothe: At the Eolian while he was drunk in celebration of his victory over Ambrose. He sang many verses including some obscene ones.
  • Kvothe: To Felurian during his long stay at the Fae with her.
  • A young boy that was part of a traveling troupe: He sang a new verse to Kvothe who was on his way back to Severen from the Pennysworth Inn.
Young boy's verse:

I once saw a fair farmer's daughter
On the riverbank far from all men
She was taking a bath when I saw her
Said she didn't feel right
If a man caught a sight
So she soaped herself slowly all over again.

Kvothe's version of the verse:

I once saw a fair farmer's daughter
On the riverbank far from all men.
She confessed to me once when I caught her
That she didn't feel clean
If her bathing was seen
So she washed herself over again.

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