"“You’re a long way from anywhere. How is the road to Tinuë?”
“It’s long,” Jax said. “And hard and weary.”"
―- Hespe's story about Jax[1]

The Free City of Tinuë is a large, ancient city in northern Vintas, and was once part of an earldom controlled by the Lackless family, until a rebellion took control of the city away from them.[2]

It is a common Aturan expression to ask "how is the road to Tinuë?", as a alternative to "how is your day?" or "how is everything going?", and it's believed that all the roads in the Four Corners of Civilization will eventually pass through the city, if you travel long enough.

Speculation Edit

It is widely believed that Tinuë was once Tinusa, and was therefore the city that survived the Creation War. [3]

References Edit

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