Trip was an Edema Ruh member of Lord Greyfallow's Men.[1]


Trip was active as a jester in the troupe who entertained the audience with a wide variety of skills, including juggling. He was known to have "the quickest tongue of anyone in the troupe", which made him the best member of the troupe to make sure everyone paid to see the plays.[1] He had a knack for rolling sevens on a dice, or having anyone he bet on roll sevens, no matter whose dice was used, which landed him in jail once or twice.[2] He once tried to teach Kvothe how to juggle.[3]

In the Chronicle

At Kvothe's twelfth birthday party, held in Hallowfell, Trip gave him a belt knife with a leather grip, claiming that all boys should have something they can hurt themselves with. He also staged a mock sword fight with Teren that ranged all over the camp and ended with his pants split up the back. Later that night, Trip organized the whole troupe into a great chanting, howling mass trying to convince Arliden into performing his song about Lanre.[4]

In the months after the troupe left Hallowfell, Trip taught Kvothe how to jape and tumble.[3]

Together with the rest of the troupe, he was killed by the Chandrian. When Kvothe returned to the camp, Trip's tent was lying half collapsed and smoldering in the fire.[3]


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