• "wood all the way from Aryen, not with the roads being as bad as they are.
  • "Its grey-white metal shone against the dark roah behind it."
  • "Limes from Tinuë, chocolate from Tarbean, polished horn from Aerueh. . . ."
  • Took an arrow in the knee on my way through the Eld three summers ago."
  • Nighmane"
  • Mhenka.”
  • Listen three times, Bast.
  • I was a city-licensed escort from Ralien. A grateful Cealdish merchant gave me money to start an inn. His name is Deolan. We were traveling from Purvis. "
  • They were graceful, with long, delicate fingers.
  • "All the scars were smooth and silver except one."
  • "Sleep met him like a lover in an empty bed."
  • "He’s off fighting the rebels in Menat now.” “Meneras,” Kote corrected gently.

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