I've been a user of wikia sites for years. Specifically, the World of Warcraft wiki (now almost entirely defunct) was a daily touchstone for me for years, and the first reason I ever found to create a wikia profile was to make an edit on that wiki (one of the proudest moments of my gamer life). When I found out that there was a wiki for the Kingkiller Chronicles (I still feel that ought to be the name of this wiki, rather than the Name of the Wind), I had to check it out. Imagine my dismay to find it almost entirely empty. It seemed like destiny. I immediately set about fleshing out what I could from memory, and even reread the books and started taking notes as I did so (I'm currently in Ademre in book two on my second time through). I hope to exhibit enough dedication on this wiki to be given admin access, as there are some admin-only things that need doing that it doesn't seem like anyone else cares to do. I'm slowly accumulating new knowledge all the time on how to better use the tools available in the wikia format and getting a bit better at how I put together aticles, but right now I'm mostly just doing what I can to get the most data possible out on the site, with lots of pages and lots of linkages between them. It seems to me that this is the best way to frame out the skeleton of a good wiki.