Hello, Kvothe is Chandrian. His story you are being told is to bring in the Chronicler and all his tales (and any others like him), into his grasp, remove any tales of their history and replace any of their actions (or the Amyr) with fables of 'Kvothe'. All he is doing is re-telling terrible actions he has done, has erased from history and the ending will be the Chronicler and all his tales being erased and 'Kvothe' taking over as 'Chronicler' and travelling around removing any other stories.

You're in his perspective and telling of the tale. He actually:

- Murders troupes.

- Steals from the nobles.

- Destroys universities and their Chancellors, their rules and their documents about him and the Chandrian (gets caught a number of times sneaking around to finish this task).

- Plants false tales everywhere he can travel.

- Burns a town to get their artifacts.

- Tricks the Ademre into telling their tales to him.

- Tricks Alveron and his wife into giving him the precious Lockless artifact.

- Has no history or lineage to prove his existence to anyone.

He is also known as Haliax. The lesson of the novel is lost on many who don't remember the perspective of the tale, and the original tale told before 'Kvothe' began his web.

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