So I've just finished 'The Name of The Wind' for a second time. Now, one of the places that i was looking forward to revisiting was Tarbean. The city of Tarbean fascinated me upon my first reading of the book. Out of all the places in The Four Corners, my imagination painted the most perfect vision of Tarbean. And reading it for a second time round has just enhanced it. Round the same time as i was flicking through the chapters of Tarbean, I started to looked up everyones fan art of Tarbean. Just to see the city through someone elses eyes. To get someone elses opinion. After seeing some, I was truly amazed and inpired to express Tarbean in the way i felt it. But seems as I'm not overly talented with crayons and a sketch pad, I began writing lyrics for Tarbean instead. Well, before i wrote the lyrics, i threw together a simple Bm, A and G arrangement on the Banjo. THEN the lyrics came. It took 2 days to get it written down. Then a good friend spent a further four hours recording, mastering and producing it. Which is stressful and hard work for a 2 and a half minute track. But it was all worth it in the end. Anyway, enough ramblng.. Heres a link to the Tarbean i saw.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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