• Zandu balm
    • Hi, I been thinking I'm taking these books too much as I puzzle to solve, and nearing
    • conclusion , I'm baffled by some odd things like where were the sithe that day when
    • kvothe wandered nr the cthaeh, whose side is it on, what happened to selitos and lyra,
    • don't buy they are dead, one of them could be the evil creature or not and if amyr and
    • chandrian are not on the same side again what side are they are on, there have to be 2 sides
    • the two rhymes could point to interweaving destinies separate yet closely operating,
    • culmination in a tragedy between two people who fall in love - bit of hamlet, romeo n juliet,
    • n myth of orpheus so using christian allegory other stuff a lot can be made out
    • but the danger is that we seek answers like arliden which r t…
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  • Zandu balm

    I )

    People have pointed out that the several names of Denna are similar to Diana, the moon goddess.

    The moon is ever-changing and thus its name differs like the wind’s name varying from place to place.

    Denna is restless and changeable like the wind, she like the moon can be chased but never wholly possessed.

    Lyra = lyre, the instrument of Artemis and Apollo. Also Denna’s first instrument is the lyre.

    The stories of Iax, Lanre, and Kvothe seem to follow the Endymion myth – lovers separated by death; in death separated but in love immortal. The Adem story of Rethe and Aethe was similar where the fallen hero gains the victory. 

    Lady “Lackless” is perfect in the manner that the moon with its spots is perfect and Denna with all her faults is perfect …

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