• Hi, I been thinking I'm taking these books too much as I puzzle to solve, and nearing
  • conclusion , I'm baffled by some odd things like where were the sithe that day when
  • kvothe wandered nr the cthaeh, whose side is it on, what happened to selitos and lyra,
  • don't buy they are dead, one of them could be the evil creature or not and if amyr and
  • chandrian are not on the same side again what side are they are on, there have to be 2 sides
  • the two rhymes could point to interweaving destinies separate yet closely operating,
  • culmination in a tragedy between two people who fall in love - bit of hamlet, romeo n juliet,
  • n myth of orpheus so using christian allegory other stuff a lot can be made out
  • but the danger is that we seek answers like arliden which r too dangerous to come by
  • and can end up like Elodin, brilliant but mad, he's out of the crockery, but when will he come
  • out of his shell and safe surroundings, and how much can he really teach without trying
  • too hard. And of course Kvothe's soul has to be rehabilitated from loss of music and love.
  • This is a work that asserts there is value in mystery, and the toughest things to discern
  • are human imperfections carrying real beauty in this apparent lack. So what are your thoughts?

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