Vaevin is an Ademic term that involves a belief of the Adem about life, meaning for them the word Vaevin: (...) a desire, (...) a making, (...) a wanting of life.


In the first place, Vaevin refers to the growth of organisms. According to Penthe , for the Adem: All things that live have anger. It is the fire in them that makes them want to move and grow and do and make

She exemplifies it as: (...) what makes the grass press up through the ground to reach the sun


In the second place, Vaevin can be taken by women from men in sex. Penthe justifies it saying that this is the reason why a man is so weary after it and the woman feels more awake, because a piece of his anger has been taken from him. 

She justifies the sex stating that men have more 'anger' than what they can use: (...) too much for their own good. A man who grows full of it (...) becomes strange and wrong in his head, violent.


In the third place, Vaevin can be used to act. If a person has too much of it, he/she will have to do other things apart from the necessary to live, like fight, practice the Ketan etc...

This is more important for women than for men because men can give part of it with sex. For this reason woman does more things in Ademre than a man, like:

  • Teach
  • Give names
  • Track the days
  • Tend to the smooth turning of things
  • Plant 
  • Etc


And so, in the fourth place, Vaevin is also what women use to have children. If a woman has too much 'anger' inside of her, as only women take 'anger' from the respective sexual partner (seems that the Adem are not homosexual) she can't just use enough of it with those acts listed above and so she 'makes babies'.

Sometimes a woman ripens. It is a natural thing and men have no part in it. That is why more women ripen in the fall, like fruit

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