Viari is Master Lorren's giller at the University. Rather than working as a Scriv in the Archives, he works in acquisitions: gathering books from all over the world to be kept at the Archives.


Viari's looks are described to be Cealdish, except for that he doesn't wear a beard. His hair is long and kept back in a tail. He dresses in well mended hunter's leathers, a faded traveling cloak and high boots, all of which are dusty from the road. He is also one of the only people mentioned in the books to openly wear weapons inside the University. He carries both a longsword and a knife.


Viari speaks multiple languages, including Aturan, Siaru and Yllish. He also displays sound knowledge of the Edema Ruh culture and customs, recognizing Kvothe as a Ruh and addressing him with "one family", so Viari may be Edema Ruh himself.


Kvothe encounters Viari only once during the latter's brief visit to the University in The Name of the Wind. At that time, Viari expresses some interest in him and promises to contact him when he returns.


  • Patrick Rothfuss role-plays a character named Viari (whose appearance is based on Kvothe's) in the Penny Arcade's live Dungeons & Dragons games (also known as Acquisitions Inc.) from season 7 onward. His occupation in acquistions is a reference to the name of the group's fictitious adventuring company.

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