Folly,” Graham read. “Odd name for a sword.


After Kote mounts his sword above the bar, travellers passing through the town stop at The Waystone Inn.

The group of travellers includes a tinker. While hawking his goods children dance singing about The Chandrian

Kote partakes in the revelry in the inn singing many verses of 'Tinker Tanner.'

During the evening one of these guests, a 'sandy-haired merchant's son' wearing a green shirt recognises Kote but addresses him as "Kvothe the Bloodless." He goes on to say: "I saw the place in Imre where you killed him. By the fountain. The cobblestones are all shathered.” He frowned and concentrated on the word.Shattered. They say no one can mend them.”

Once the guests leave a despondent Kote walks across the street to the open door of the smithy. Kote and Caleb talk about Orisson's sheep. Kote buys a two foot iron rod from Caleb, and also gets a smithy's leather apron and heavy gloves.



The mounting for Kote's sword is roah 'Wood' with the 'Word' "Folly" seared into the black grain below the mounting pegs.