Yll is a small nation in theFour Corners of Civilization. It lies on an island south of the Commonwealth, separated from the main continent by the Reft. The Centhe Sea surrounds Yll on three sides. Yll was once part of the Aturan Empire. It is characterized by rolling hills, and has a warmer climate than other parts of the Four Corners.

Before being conquered by the Aturan Empire, Yll had a distinct culture. The ancient Yllish people developed story knots for the recording of information long before written language became common in other parts of the Four Corners. Spoken Yllish differs markedly from the other languages of the Four Corners, and is noted for its complex and difficult grammar. Although most modern speakers of Yllish no longer learn story knots, Denna is apparently schooled in them, styling her hair in complex knots whose basic meanings Kvothe can pick up, but whose nuances are lost on him.  Yll also developed its own calendar, based on lunar cycles.

Sheep farming is a major industry in modern Yll, as are the maritime trades.

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