Yllish is the language spoken in Yll. It is spoken by Master Linguist Herma and Viari.

Description Edit

The ancient Yllish people developed story knots for the recording of information long before written language became common in other parts of the Four Corners. Spoken Yllish differs markedly from the other languages of the Four Corners, and is noted for its complex and difficult grammar.

Known terms Edit

Term Meaning
deoch To drink[1]
"Cyae tsien?" Viari says this to Kvothe as a greeting when he mistakes him for Yllish[2]

In the Chronicle Edit

Although most modern speakers of Yllish no longer learn story knots, Denna is apparently schooled in them, styling her hair in complex knots whose basic meanings Kvothe can pick up, but whose nuances are lost on him. After returning from Vintas, Master Herma offers to tutor Kvothe in reading the knots.[3]

There is a room in the lower basements of The Archives filled with wooden spools of Yllish story knots.

The loeclos Box Edit

Upon returning from Ademre, Kvothe is invited to join the Maer and Meluan Lackless. At that time, he is shown the Loeclos Box and asked if he can open it. He notes that the box is covered in faint carvings that he suspects are Yllish story knots.

References Edit

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